Potluck of Cultures


This is Suzana. She is from Brazil. “The day we were moving to Atlanta, I discovered I was pregnant!”

– – – – –

suzana 2Suzana followed her husband Marcus from Rio de Janeiro to Atlanta, because he wanted to do an exchange program at an American university as part of his PhD. According to Suzana, the culture in Brazil is pretty

similar to the one in the US, so moving was not a difficult transition for the couple. The biggest challenge was leaving the job she loved as a public defender. “The first thing we had to think about was my job, because I was a lawyer in Brazil and we were thinking about how we could manage that, so I ended up keeping my job. I can do the same work from here, but just the paperwork. I am on maternity leave now, but I was working until the end of my pregnancy.” She also stresses the importance of the Georgia Tech International Spouse Group, because the support and friendship she found there made moving to Atlanta so much easier for her. “I love the spouse group! It is an amazing experience and you actually make some good friends for life there.”

suzana 3

After living in the US for the past year, Suzana and her husband have recently moved back to their home country. “Spending one year here is not enough, because right now, we are just used to everything in Atlanta and now we are moving back.” She says that what she loves most about the US are its many opportunities and possibilities. “If you work hard in the US, you can have everything; in Brazil, this is not the same.”

suzana 1

Even though Suzana loved living abroad; she admits that she was also excited to go back because she missed the warmth of the Brazilian people, the beautiful beaches and waters of Rio, and of course, the delicious food of her home country. “I want to go back. I have to go back, actually. We have a pretty good life there; we enjoy our life there. But I have a son who was born in the US now and I want him to live here someday. The opportunities are much better here for him; In Brazil, it is much harder to find a good job. Maybe when we retire, we can come back to live here with him, but for now I want to stay in Brazil.”


– – – – –

Interview and Writing by Tineke Van Varenberg

Make up by Denise Batista

Interview and Photography by Sonal Sukheeja




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