Literary Explorations

“The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein

Sitting on the couch with 2 pups - one blissfully asleep on top of my already numb feet and the other yawning and contentedly nestling in for the night next to me on the other side, I start reading Garth Stein’s ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’ and, as with all dogs, I immediately fall in love.

Potluck of Cultures


This is Pratima. She is from India. “I never liked Indian food in India. Whenever I would go out, I would have Chinese food, Italian food, etc. but never Indian food. After coming here, I am the one that drags my husband to Indian places… Suddenly I have new love for Indian food! (laughs)”

Potluck of Cultures


This is María Paz. She is from Chile. Moving to Atlanta has brought her closer to her parents, whom she misses every day. “In Spanish, we call that regalona, someone that really likes to be attached to their family… I realized I am a mommy and daddy’s girl now! (laughs)”

Potluck of Cultures


his is Jessica. She is from Colombia. She still misses the flavors of her home country, but by cooking typical Colombian dishes - like her favorite; Maduro, bananas that have been cut in half and baked with cheese in the middle - she brings her home town back to life in her own kitchen. “It is delicious! I love it!”