Worldly Explorations

Midtown living

I remember our friend Eric smiling ever so slightly when we asked him how far it was from their place in East Point to the center of Atlanta. We had only arrived in Georgia a few days earlier and we were still finding our bearings, so he and his wife Lucy had graciously offered to… Continue reading Midtown living

Worldly Explorations

Southern Living

Atlanta, city of firsts February 2016. Hubby and I have wanted to move abroad for a while now and we have finally plucked up the courage to actually do it. It's our first time moving abroad, and we are nervous as hell. Unwarranted, as it turns out, because before we know it, we have succesfully… Continue reading Southern Living

Literary Explorations

The Luster of Lost Things by Sophie Chen Keller

When I think about my 12-year-old self, there's only one word that really comes to mind: quirky. Actually, the first words that come to mind are 'kadee special', an affectionate way to say special kid where I'm from, but that is really neither here nor there. So... quirky. It's a word (or a meaning at… Continue reading The Luster of Lost Things by Sophie Chen Keller

Literary Explorations

All Our Wrong Todys by Elan Mastai

Have you ever felt as if you were living in the wrong time period? That maybe you would have thrived as an aristocrat in the Victorian era in 19th Century England, that Flowerpower's non-violence ideology and passive resistance was your destiny, or that really, you should have been a roadie for Nirvana... Perhaps you have… Continue reading All Our Wrong Todys by Elan Mastai

Potluck of Cultures


This is Sevda. She is from Iran. “Everything in the United States is on such a large scale! In my home country, most markets and supermarkets are small, but here you can choose between very large stores and goods. Even the cars are huge! (laughs)” - - - - - Sevda and her husband Milad… Continue reading Sevda

Worldly Explorations

I tell ye truth, ’twas a fine day at the Georgia Renaissance Festival

Gather round all ye Lords and Ladies, for I shall spin thee a tale of merriment, mead and pirates. Each year, in the most unexpected of places, the fabled 16th-century village of Newcastle magically comes to life between the months of April and June, when Fairburn, Georgia houses the annual Georgia Renaissance Festival. Inside its… Continue reading I tell ye truth, ’twas a fine day at the Georgia Renaissance Festival

Worldly Explorations

Girls Trip in Blue Ridge Georgia

Lounging by the pool one blistering hot Atlanta summer day, my girlfriends and I were comparing notes on marriage over a glass of wine: its highs and lows, its unexpected quirks or sometimes surprising lack thereof, the best parts of the journey and the bits we happily left behind. Each of us had her own… Continue reading Girls Trip in Blue Ridge Georgia